Oregon's Make It With Wool Contest

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What Are The Objectives?

  • To promote the beauty and versatility of wool fabrics and yarns
  • To encourage personal creativity in sewing, knitting and crocheting
  • To recognize creative skills
  • To develop life skill, including: being responsible for one's self, being a good sport, accepting the judges decisions and learning/appreciating diversity

What is the Judging Criteria?

  • Appropriateness to thecontestant's lifestyle
  • Coordination of fabric/yarn with the garment's style and design
  • Contestant's presentation
  • Quality of the garment's construction
  • Creativity
Where Can I Purchase Wool or Wool Blend Fabrics?
  • Local fabric stores
  • Mail-order/internet resources
  • Resource listings: sewing magazines, American Sheep Industry,
    Mohair Counsil of America, Lana Llama Association of North America, State Directors

How Can I Be Certain My Fabrics/Yarns Are Wool?
Self-testing is recommended. Additional testing will be done prior to state and national contests.

Self-testing prcedure:

  • Place a one-inch fabric square into one cup of Clorox bleach for several hours.
    100% wool will have no residue; wool blends will havefibers remaining.
    NOTE: Finishes and other natural fibers may affect the test results.

How Can I Enter?
Fill out an entry form and follow the instructions for mailing and submitting fees.
You may enter more than one garment, using a separate form for each entry.

What Are The Prizes?

  • Junior and Senior state winners will advance to the National Competition
  • Adult state winners will send a 5" x 7" photo and video (maximum three minutes)
    to the National Photo Competition. National Adult winner will receive a trip to the
    National Competition
  • Fabrics, sewing books, equipment, and notions are awarded at state and national levels
  • Scholarships are awarded at the national level
    • $2,000 American Sheep Industry Women (Junior & Senior winners)
    • $1,000 Mohair Council of America
      (Junior or Senior Award for complete garment made of mohair)
    • $1,000 Pendleton Woolen Mills (Junior winner)
    • $1,000 American Wool Council (fashion/apparel design)

Special National Awards:

  • Exemplary Construction (Sew News Magazine)
  • Machine Embroidery (Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine)
  • Vogue/Butterick Pattern Use
    (sewing machine from White Sewing Machine Company)
  • Use of a Clair Shaeffer's "Custom Couture Collection"
    pattern from Vogue Pattern Company
  • $500 cash award/credit for original design and international exposure for use
    of Cestari pencil roving with Cestari yarn in a knitted or felted garment.
    * Cestari, LTD retains ownership of original pattern and garment.